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Maltina is the first locally produced Malt Drink in Nigeria and the only Malt Drink endorsed by the Nutrition Society of Nigeria.

Maltina believes a healthy you is a happy you. It is richly packed with essential Vitamins and Minerals (Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C, including Calcium) to keep your body and mind completely vitalized.

Share The Happiness And Enjoy The Complete Richness Of Maltina Today!


. Launched into Nigerian market in 1976 as the 2nd malt drink and the 1st locally produced malt drink to exploit the increase in the demand for food replacement/nourishment drinks

. At that time, Maltex was sold as a blood tonic, primarily through drug stores.

. Initially introduced as “Maltona”, it was changed to “Maltina” in 1977 due to a pre registered product with a similar name

. Maltina was initially launched in 4 test markets - Kaduna, Zaria, Kano and Jos in the former Northern sales region.

. Maltina was introduced with a clear vision – to become and remain the nation’s leading malt drink brand.

. For more than 30 years, Maltina has maintained this leading position, through a programme of aggressive & consumer-led marketing strategies, particularly in the areas of product innovation and advertising.


. Maltina fruity variants (strawberry and Exotic fruits) was launched in 1996.

. Can was introduced in 2003.

. 1st to introduce variants - Strawberry & Exotic Fruits

. Sip-it Tetra - pack was introduced in 2005.

. In 2013, Maltina became the first Malt drink to be packaged in a PET bottle in Nigeria.

. Since the introduction of Maltina, the bottle label has been changed 4 times with the last one being in 2011, when a refreshing, modern new label which is a combination of interesting colours was introduced to create an impactful identity for Maltina. The colours are: classic white for purity, orange for vibrancy, black for boldness and rich content, warm red for energy and vitality, yellow for happiness and gold as a promise for high quality.

. Maltina is the first and only Malt drink endorsed by the Nutrition Society of Nigeria.


. In 2002, advertising materials were developed on the theme ‘Maltina Moments’. It was developed to reinforce the brand proposition of ‘Care in a variety of ways’. Having been communicated on the platforms of vitality and nourishment, it became essential to present Maltina as the ‘Caring brand’; hence, the campaign was hinged on ‘Moments of Care’.

. The Launch of ‘Big n Bold’ 33cl bottle was in 2003

. The 2011 re-launch of Maltina with a new and appealing packaging upgrade for the bottle label, Can and tetra-pack was also complemented with a revised positioning strategy and new communication hinged on the happiness platform, hence, the launch of the ‘Sharing happiness’ campaign. The campaign was aimed at positioning Maltina as a brand that inspires sharing happy moments with friends and loved ones. That has been the Maltina brand essence till date.

. In 2015, Maltina is telling a refreshing story. It’s a complete story of the origin of Maltina, what it is made of, how it is made and the satisfaction that comes from sharing Maltina with loved ones and friends. It’s the Maltina credentials story which will be told with the ‘Complete Richness’ campaign. The campaign seeks to take the consumer into the world of the brand and further establish the fact that Maltina offers a complete malt experience filled with rich nutritional and emotional benefits.

. The Maltina brand is known for exploring creative ideas and avenues to communicate and connect effectively with the consumers, one of which is the popular and highly rated Maltina Dance All, a dance TV reality show, which provides a platform for sharing happiness, promoting family values and bonding. Introduced in 2007 and in its 9th season, lives of families have been changed completely through this platform.